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Acquisition accounting

I need professional help with my ltd company’s first year-end. Our turnover will be very low, bellow 10 000 pounds, but the specific thing is that we are in a process of a business combination, where we will acquire the assets and liabilities of another micro ltd. registered in the EEA.

Does anyone can offer help and help me to comply with the FRS102 regulations?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mgeexy,

I may be able to offer help, although I would need to confirm the exact situation in order to confirm I am able to advise you correctly. Could you PM me the details of the merger and I will get back to you?

Kind regards,

Hello Chris,
Many thanks for responding to me!

I am not sure how to PM you on here. It doesn’t seem to have this function.
Perhaps I can e-mail you, what’s your address?