Acrobat updated to Acrobat XI Pro and now I can't view pdf invoices


I am in a bind as I can’t send out any invoices. I have tried all different types of saves but this update comes out in a white zero byte file when i try to save it. It was all working fine up until I installed the update.

Can you please update your PDF sych at the Quickfile end please. I love your programme and don’t want to have to move.



It’s likely that installing Acrobat Pro has changed the file associations in your browser. It’s nothing to do with Quick File and you’d probably have the same problem with viewing PDFs anywhere on the web.

There’s a few things you can try.

  • Try using Quick File on a different browser (Not sure what you are using at the moment but I would recommend Chrome)
  • Install the basic Adobe Reader, this will probably fix the file associations
  • Try looking in your browser settings to select which program opens the PDF, if you have the option try switch it back to your old PDF viewer.

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