Add a Client Expense & a Purchase? Track Profits?

Hi there!

I have just started to use Quickfile to log all of my clients. I offer offline Marketing, print & Design services and alot of my ‘purchases’ are simply paying for outsource-ers to complete projects.

Does anyone know, is it possible to add a purchase and assign to a supplier AND add this as an ‘expense’ to a client file (JUST for my eyes) so that I could see the amount paid by each client, and the amount spent, on each client- thus the Net Profit per client, per month?

Like-wise, when Tagging my uploaded statementt?

Any ideas or work-arounds would be much appreciated!

Cheers folks!

At the moment we don’t support projects, this is something we are planning to introduce in the future. Projects will allow income and expenditure to be bunched together so you can monitor the net profit on a specific activity or client.

There is a work-around that may help… you can log the sales you want to track to a specific nominal code and do the same for all purchases.

Adding custom nominal codes

You can then create a custom report that will deduct the expenditure from the sales income.

Build a custom report

This may work in some cases but it’s not actually a substitute for the project management that will be introduced later.

Ahh ok- Thanks!

Do you have any idea when you are HOPING to have the ‘Projects’ feature rolled out by?


Nothing concrete yet, but I shall post any updates here as soon as I know more.

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