Add a note to the event log to show a PDF was attached to an email

Hi Guys we don’t use the individual areas for clients (give me time taken 4 years to get the Director to log on to QF) so we attach the PDF to the auto email. we have noticed that there is no way of telling if we have attached it after we have sent the invoice. so is it possible to ad the ability to either see if there was an attachment in the “events” section or a way of setting QF to always attach the PDF

Hello @mathump3

Thank you for your suggestion.

We can certainly consider this as a future development. We’ll leave this thread open for others to add their vote and comments too.

@mathump3 - Good news, we’ve made a change here to make it easier to find this out.
When you view your sent email log (Account Settings >> All Settings >> Sent Email Log), you will see a list of emails, as usual. Where a document was attached, we will now show a paperclip:

Viewing the email itself will also reveal a list of attachments:

I hope this helps!

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