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Add an itemised net column on invoices



in the invoice settings page I’ve looked for how to put a Net column into the invoice.

Currently the columns are : Item, Description, Unit Cost, Qty, VAT and Total.

I’m trying to put a column titled ‘Net’ between Qty and VAT where Net = Unit Cost x Qty.

I don’t seem able to find how to do this.

Display the net qty * rate column on invoices

Hi @Darren_Smith

There isn’t an option to add this at the moment I’m afraid.

I’ve amended your title slightly and moved it into the #feature category. We can certainly consider this as part of future development.


At the moment columns are : Item, Description, Unit Cost (rate), Qty, VAT and Total - having a net of QTY * RATE would be more than useful as I’m having to explain to clients how their totals are calculated (don’t ask!) as the display on-invoice does not make it explicit: you must be calculating this to display the VAT-inclusive total.

Toggling the ‘show itemised VAT’ doesn’t help as the line then does not display the actual rate per line that will be used…

Item, Description, Unit Cost (rate), Qty, Net (qty*rate), VAT and Total



I’ve moved your post into the existing feature request so we can monitor the interest in one place.