Add another company/business

How do I add another company?
I have just started a new business today.

Hi @antonym1122

If it’s a company (registered with Companies House), it should have it’s own QuickFile account.

If you’re a sole trader, or the same company just trading under a different name, there is an option to use the multi-trading style feature which comes with the Power User Subscription. You can find out more here: Custom Trading Styles

One is a Ltd company, the other is a sole trader. So they should have their own accounts.
But how do I add another account?
I only have one email address. Do I need to create a dummy email address to create a new account?
Sorry if the answer is obvious.

Essentially, yes. Or, there is another option which is to use Affinity. This allows you to have 1 email address and use it with several accounts. Affinity is a platform designed for bookkeepers, accountants, and those managing multiple businesses.

Affinity does however attract a charge. There’s some more details here:

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