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Add blue banner to Direct Debit invoices on client side

Are invoices that are to be collected by DD marked as such. I went to the clients dashboard and it does not seem very obvious and not at all visible on the printed version ? I’m sure this question was raised before but can’t seem to find it.

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Hi @Paul

This label is only shown if a direct debit has been requested against that particular invoice. We put a blue label in the top left hand corner of any invoices where this is the case, and also record this in the event log too

Thanks for the quick reply (as always!) - Yes that is the case here - in the customer dashboard there is a small grey note above the invoice saying DD collection but nothing really obvious - and no blue label.

I’ll mention this to our dev team, and see if there’s a way we could make this more obvious. Leave this with me for the moment

Just coming back to you on this. The set up here has always been the way of a notification in the header on the client side, and a blue label on the admin side. However, I’ll change this thread to a feature request and if more users would like this changed, then we’ll happily re-look at it.

It’s fine when I am invoicing a small co. but now working with a larger operation where there is an accounts department, it will be sure to be missed. Also I did not see a blue label on the admin side either.

Apologies - my error.

The blue banner is on recurring invoices rather than invoices themselves:

On invoices, they show as the warning at the top, as per the client side:

Yes a Big Red arrow like that would be perfect :grin:

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I keep having same problem. A big blue direct debit stamp on the sent invoice would be most appreciated.

I second this! Especially where a recurring invoice is direct debit enabled.

Thanks for the feedback we’ll take a look at this next week.

Some visual indication on the invoice itself that a DD is in progress would I’m sure be very useful.

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I upvote this feature too.

My vote too. I have just set up my first two DDs and, having looked at the invoices in the “as customer” view I agree that it is too vague especially as all recurring invoices get the same email template.

+1 from me. We bill setup charges and ongoing fees separately but take all of them via direct debit. Quite often we have customers logging in and getting confused as to whether the setup fees have been taken via DD