Add Cashplus to banking feed

Now that Cashplus are formally a bank, can they be added to the banking feed?

As a new business owner, both Cashplus and Quickfile have been invaluable but, the longer I am in business for, the more the disconnect is becoming a hindrance.

Thanks in advance

Any more progress on a live bank feed for the above? It’s been an ongoing niggle for nearly 4 years now. Thanks.

As far as I know Cashplus doesn’t support open banking at the moment.
Here is a list with all current suppliers

In the FAQ section of that website is also a list of all banks which support open banking at the moment

Hope this helps

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Now that Cashplus are directly enrolled in the Open Banking Directory and authorised to provide secure open banking-enabled services. When will you be integrating them into the Quickfile system so that I can add them as an automated bank feed?

I eagerly await your reply.


Hi @Valley

I believe this may be a recent change as Cashplus used to use a different set up.

We’ve passed this to our development team so it can be investigated.

We have recently added Cashplus to our bank feeds offering.


Hi, I’ve added my CashPlus bank account to Quickfile. I’ve just paid for the bank feeds but they don’t appear to be working. Can someone assist?

Hello @D_GT

I have sent you a private message to get some details.

Hi, I’ve already replied.