Add last items to new invoice

Hi. I’m doing the accounts for a very small community group. Every quarter we send an invoice out with exactly the same items over 5 lines, as the last invoice with only some of the amounts different.

Is there a way of having an invoice template with the lines already filled in with the items?

Or a way of adding last items (like I can on xero)?


Just copy the last invoice, you can edit after, change prices, etc

Thank you. I did think of that but I just wondered if there was another way.


Hi @AliH

I think between copying invoices and using sales inventory, this should make life a bit easier for you.

Do you use the sales inventory feature at the moment?

Yes all the sales items are in the inventory - the invoices I send quarterly all have the same sales items on them. I’m used to xero and it lets me create a new invoice and then add last items and it then populates the new invoice with all the details from the last invoice, which then can be amended if necessary.

There aren’t many to do and it’s only quarterly so copying won’t be a problem. I just wondered if there was another way to do it.


You could use this script to create a copy of an invoice from a link on the dashboard to save a few more clicks.

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