Add more than one email address for invoices and quotations

Is there a way to have an extra company email as an option to send invoices, quotations in addition to the default email address.

When you send the invoice you should see a list of addresses on the account like so;

You can then select which account contacts to send the invoice to.

Thanks for this information, this only works if I add the same person to all of the individual client accounts, if I add someone who has access to the Quickfile portal, their access defaults to the individual clients, so unfortunately does not solve the problem, any ideas?

Not clear what you want to achieve:

  1. Do your mean you want a different member of your staff to get the cc?
  2. Do you mean that you have set up separate accounts for different divisions of the customer’s organisation and want to copy their head office in on all the invoices?

Sorry, if I wasn’t clear, I have the cc me box which I want to keep, I want to add another person in my company to receive the emails as well. So that’s your no 1.

This would be of use to us with volunteers working from home but not a major priority.

I don’t think this request has come up previously but I’ll leave it open as a feature request.

Can’t you setup a forwarding rule on your email provider to grab your CC and auto-forward? I’m sure this will be possible in most web based email providers. I’m not convinced it’s something that should be solved in QuickFile.

Using the auto forwarder on my email sends all emails to the other person, which is an answer, but they then get all emails received, that is not enough granularity.

The other route is to add the other person in my company to each of the clients as an additional contact there, will that affect their login to quickfile.

I know with GMail you can set a filter. Any CC’d email will have a title as such:

[CC] New Invoice Created…

You can setup a filter to catch emails when the subject contains [CC] and when the email is sent from With a filter in place you can link this to a forwarding rule.

Filters in GMail:

Auto Forwarding in GMail:

The above is for GMail but I suspect your email client will have some equivalent.


I am coming at this from a different angle. I would like to send invoices to my client but also their PA. Is there a a way to add 2 contact email addresses for a client or is there another way I can do this?

See my post above, when you send the invoice you can select which contacts on the client account it is sent to.

Thanks but how do I add the other contact? I went on to the clients details but couldn’t see how to do this.

Sorted! Went back and looked again and worked out how to do it. Thanks again for your help and quick response.

No probs, was just off grabbing the link from the knowledge base!

Posted it anyway for anyone else stumbling upon this thread. :wink: