Add MTD FOR LANDLORDS i.e. property business


I was wondering when do you expect to add the MTD for property business to the MTD for income tax feature i.e. self-employed at the moment in QF?

I have a few clients who will need to file as landlords from April 2020, so want to see if QF will be suitable. They don’t use QF at the moment.

thank you

please add votes if you need this feature, thanks

I have just been looking into options myself - would be great if Quickfile could cater for this requirement. I came across this offering which offers bank statement imports and quarterly submissions etc but be great if QuickFile could adapt to cater for this market!

I’d be very surprised if quickfile didn’t adopt mtd for landlords in the future considering mtd will be rolling out to all unincorporated businesses from April 2023. It would be a natural extension of mtd for vat.

However given that successive government’s have kicked mtd for income tax to the long grass every single budget since 2014, id be surprised if it did actually happen in 2023

I asked the same about 2 month ago (Making Tax Digital for Income Tax). This was the answer:


Sep 2

MTD for Income Tax is still in the very early stages. We do intend to support this and we are in dialogue with HMRC, although we’ll wait for this to mature a little more before we take it further.

I think we have to wait for a few more month

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