Making Tax Digital for Income Tax

Hi quickfile team ( @QFSupport )
HMRC is thinking to roll out MTD for Income in 2023.

While it is still a while to go until then you can already register to join voluntarily, which I would like to do in the near future. Unfortunately quickfile is not yet on the hmrc registered software list. So far there are only 5 software available at the moment, that indicates probably that it is quite new.
However, my question, does quickfile have something in the pipeline to make it available to use in the next few month?
Thank you very much.

I wouldn’t rush to join the pilot. Mtd for income tax has been on the table since 2018 and has been pushed back every single budget since. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens again, but once you sign up there’s no way back.

MTD for Income Tax is still in the very early stages. We do intend to support this and we are in dialogue with HMRC, although we’ll wait for this to mature a little more before we take it further.

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Thanks for letting me know and your quick response, Glenn.

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