Add new contact - can I create a contact without a password?

I’m trying to add a new contact to an existing client.
So when I go to ‘add new contact’ , I fill in the name and email address and click save, but it asks me to enter a password but I don’t want to do this stage.
All I want to do is add their email address so I can choose to email an invoice to 2 people.
Is their a way around this please?

Thank you

Hi @AliH

When you’re adding the contact, you should see an option for QuickFile to generate a password for you:

This can be changed later, or it may be the case of the user not actually needing it - depends on whether you’re enforcing client login or not.

Ah ok thank you.
When I entered all my clients, I’m sure you could just bypass this stage as I don’t want the clients to have logins.
But I’ll create a login, if that’s what I have to do and then not email it to the client thus not letting them login. (if that makes sense haha, it did to me when I was typing it!)
Thanks again for your help.

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No problem! All contacts are basically logins for the purpose of the client area.

When you send an invoice by email, for example, it contains a unique link for that specific client and invoice. That link will log them in automatically (unless you enable “enforce client login”).

Most of the time, the client contacts won’t realise they have a login, because it’s all handled behind the scenes to allow them to login through that link.

Hope that makes sense?

Yes it does make sense, thank you.

All sorted.

Much appreciated.

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