Add the company number to your invoices

Hi, im new to the software and was wondering how i can add my company number to my invoices, thanks

On the dashboard you should see a link “Show key filing dates”:

If you click this for the first time it will prompt you to save your company number. If you’ve already done this it will show you a list of events and dates.

Now in the sales menu select “Invoice customisation”. On the invoice customisation area click the labels box (shown in green). Tick the box to include the company number.

You can also add your company number to the footer area.

Thanks for the reply guys, just one last question ive ticked the show company number box but on the invoice it doesnt show my number. Where do i put my company number? ive gone into management it has company number but nothing can be entered into this. thanks

Just sorted the company number bit, but how do i add LTD to the end of my company name so it appears on all my invoices i seemed to have changed it everywhere but it still doesnt show on the invoices.

You may have updated the company name but it won’t retrospectively change all the invoices already issued. To update the invoices with the new name you’d need to go in and save the invoice again.

The company name as referenced on the invoice is set in Account Settings >> Company Settings.

Feature request, please - can we have an action to tick a number of invoices and resave them using the current template? Then you could batch update if you made changes to a template, but leave older ones alone, for example.

Quick File doesn’t support custom templates per invoice, there has been some discussion about this in the past but it’s not something we have planned in the near term.

Can you post feature requests under separate threads pls?..Keeps everything more organised and makes it easier for others to find and support your ideas.