Adding a custom field to estimates / invoices

I notice you can add extra ‘stock’ fields to Estimates/Invoices but can you add custom ones?
I’d really like to add 2 date fields - (as we do events and I’d like the event date/times quoted for to be recorded). Am curretnly using the notes field for this - but am trying to integrate google calendar via Zapier - and the only date options I see are for the estimate date/issue date - which obvs won’t do the job.

A: Is this possible and if so how
B: If not possible via Quickfile - can anyone suggest a way of doing it (even if it be by raising the estimate via a 3rd party app and then converting into a Quickfile Estimate)

Many thanks

Hello @Christopher_Wagstaff

Custom fields aren’t supported at the moment, but there is a feature request open for this that you may wish to add your comments to:

The other option you have is repurposing an existing field. For example, if you don’t use the Purchase Reference field, you could change the title of this using the following guide:

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