Adding a Sales Inventory item from a sales invoice

  1. Select Create New Invoice
  2. Start entering text in the “Item” cell on an invoice line
  3. System allows you to “Save New Item” so select this to add the new item to the sales inventory
  4. Complete the Description, Price and Quantity and save the invoice
  5. When checking the Sales Inventory you can see the new inventory item but the description etc is missing and has not been saved, only the Item text is saved.

Also if you enter the new invoice line item and complete the invoice line with description and price etc the system no longer gives you the option to save this line as a new sales inventory item, the option of “save new item” is no longer available. It would be preferable to have the option of saving the line as a new inventory item at any time not just when you enter the “Item” text.

Hello @oceancobra

I have passed this to our development team to look into for you.

I will keep you updated on this feed.