Adding additional fields to customer records

I’ve used your system for a year or more and it’s complete inflexibility is becoming a major problem. As we have grown we need it to grow to include hosting data on customers along crm lines is increasingly important. There’s loads of questions in the knowledge base on this yet not a single development seams to have been made over a number of years. Bottomless is either it needs to be available or I need a new accounting system which will be a huge amount of work and cost. I wish I’d realised this at the start as a key feature of this was its simplicity however its missing such basic functionality that it is now losing me money I have to do something. Before I do please confirm if there is any plan to add record flexibility and epos functionality. If not I need to do something else I’d also advise people to not use quickfile unless they have no intention to grow.

Hi @edge

Please accept my apologies if you feel that QuickFile doesn’t provide the complete functionality you require for your business. However, QuickFile is an accounting platform rather than a complete CRM system.

As you’ve probably come across in other posts, we try to stay with the more accounting side of things to ensure these are perfect for our users - the raising and dispatch of invoices, accepting payments and ensuring your credit control is as automated as possible.

We are however happy to explore integrations with other pieces of software, including the introduction of Zapier connectivity at the request of other users (which also connects with various other CRM packages). We have an open XML API, with a JSON API currently in closed beta to allow QuickFile to be closely used with other packages too.

Can I ask what epos functionality you are expecting within QuickFile? And what types of data were you looking to record apart from hosting data (I assume this relates to web hosting?). I’ll certainly try my best to help where I can. Of course, we also have an open community so other users in similar industries can also add their suggestions to try and help too.

CRM and EPOS are very complex areas in their own right and are best left to dedicated software. There’s simply no way we can build all this functionality into QuickFile and cover the majority of use-cases. Cloud based EPOS systems typically cost more per month that an annual QF licence:

Lightspeed Pricing
Vend Pricing

As per my colleague’s post, the way to go about this is to utilise tools like Zapier to glue together your different cloud based apps. This would be the same approach for any accounting system.

If you need something very specific to your business then the API would be your best option.

Thanks for the responses the issue is I like most business need flexibility to record client records the point is to avoid double recording or multiple systems. I’m not requesting a full crm I’m asking that it has the ability to expand records say if a garage you could add the reg number make and model or if you were a builder the customer would have different location than the invoice address would be two examples.

In terms of epos a simple cash register screen would be useful the point t is almost all your competitors have this sort functionality. Simple accountancy is one this but so simple it doesn’t grow is not good as it’s a huge amount of work to change later as it looks like I’ll have to.

I think what my colleague @Glenn has suggested above would be the best way forward - either linked with another system through Zapier, or the API, so it can be tailored more towards your business. The storing of this kind of data is more for a CRM system than an accounting system, but by using our API or tools like Zapier, you can link it closely with other systems.

I’d imagine with a garage there would be another system in place to store customer details already, including booking appointments, so linking it with QuickFile would provide a far better experience for the business itself, although I appreciate this depends on the other software package too. If you do look at this option, then please feel free to reach out to us for assistance with the API - we’re here to help :slight_smile:

With the EPOS, I don’t think having an actual till like system built into QuickFile has come up before, but as with all feature requests, you’re more than welcome to post these individually and we’ll certainly keep track of the interest from the wider community. Of course, you’re welcome to include samples there too so other users can comment on these.

What we do have however is cash register recording tool which allows you to enter your daily takings from cash and card quickly and easily - it creates the invoices for you. Would this be of some use to you?

Do you currently use the reference field for clients? It’s possible that this could be renamed on invoices and estimates. and you could use this for things like a car registration plate, or membership number etc. Please let me know if you would like help with this.

Having some configurable fields for clients may be something we can look at, in the mean time I’ve scheduled some development time to explore the options.

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I would love to see this option implemented.