Adding an additional company to an account already set up


I have a company set up on quick file as a sole trader. I have started another business and would like to run both on one account can it be done?

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You can’t directly have two accounts under one setup, although you may want to have a look at Affinity

Affinity is primarily aimed at accountants and those with multiple accounts. There is a charge (calculated daily, billed monthly) and is calculated based on the account sizes.

Affinity does come with some free credit, so you could set it up, have a look, and if you don’t like it, you can revert back.

These articles may of use to you:

I hope that helps

Hi Mark,

You could always have 2 separate accounts each under a different email address or if the second business is unincorporated then you can run both through the same account, using different nominals for the different sales.

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Also worth noting that if you wish to use the custom trading styles as @Lurch suggests, you may find the project tags useful to keep track of each arm of the business. The project tags would allow you to keep a profit and loss for each tag

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Thats what I was after doing.


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