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Adding another Santander Account

I am trying to add my new Santander Credit Card account to QF but Santander is no longer in the Open Banking list when i come to add it.

I do already have another Santander account setup but the details are different so need to be able to add it again with the different details.

How do i do that?

Hi @Ian_Wilmshurst

Only one link per bank is currently supported with Open Banking.

Can I just clarify however - do you mean you have 2 logins for Santander, one for banking and one for the credit card?

Correct… 2 different login id’s. I have purposely taken a santander credit card as it was supported by open banking?

Santander is supported by Open Banking, but you can only have one link with each bank.

It may be worth asking Santander if they can link the 2 logins so both products appear on the same login. I know other users have managed this in the past with different banks.

Thats what i have done, sorted now.

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