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Adding client email

Hi all,

Is there a way of adding client emails without a need to set up a password and access to the account?


Hi @Donna_Ladd

When you add a contact to a client, you’ll need to enter their name and an email address, you do need to give them a password (but you can select “automatically create a login password”). However, you do not need to give the client the password if you don’t want to. It’s just because of the way that the system works.

By having a password they are able to have a link that allows them to view their invoices once you have sent them. The links in the emails, by default, won’t require the password, it’ll just automatically log them in. If this is still your setup, then there’s no need to worry about sharing the password with your client.

I hope that makes sense?

Yes, thank you. I did think that after I posted.

The set up does not require clients to have access to invoices, I was just looking to store contact info in one place.

I will have a look.

Thanks again.

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