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Adding Description to PayPal sales

Can I request the description be added to PayPal sales?
Currently, the client name is included on the Invoice name. The client name and transaction is added to the description and the shipping address is written to the notes.
We would like to identify the different sales items via PayPal sales, consequently the need to have the sales description included. Any chance?

I’ve marked this as “under consideration” until we are able to analyse the PayPal API to see if this information can easily be extracted.

I’m afraid I can’t promise anything at this stage but we will see what can be done and update you shortly.

Thank you. Will be a great help.

I’d like to add my voice to this request. I have the same problem. The invoice descriptions generated via the PayPal feed don’t allow you to work out which product has been sold.

I’d also like to add my voice to this request for the same reasons as Tony.

I’m still suffering from lack of description fields and other useful data items to attribute PayPal sales to products. Is there any progress on this issue? Ideally this would involve a new feature that allows you to map the PayPal data items to relevant invoice fields, or at least for the description field to be correctly mapped.

Hi @Tony

There aren’t any updates here at the moment I’m afraid. But we’ll be sure to update this thread if anything changes.

Are there any options for configuring the PayPal transaction invoices generated by the QuickFile PayPal feed?

Not for the invoices themselves, only to whether to tag them or not as they come in. These can be found in the PayPal bank account by going to More Options >> Feed Settings.

Pretty much what you see on the invoice is all the data we receive as part of the feed.


Is there any update on this? It would be great if the description can be the eBay item name. And the item number the SKU from the eBay listing.

Thank you for such an amazing application!

Hi @Noah_123

There isn’t an update here I’m afraid. The information PayPal sends us is quite limited.

If there are any updates however, we’ll be sure to update this thread.