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Adding direct link to online invoice to invoice


I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with this one. I am hoping that it is possible to change the link sent out on invoices (currently something like companyname.quickfile.co.uk) so that customers can log into their account on our QF portal, to the direct URL for the invoice.

If not, is there a tag that I can place into the ‘invoice notes’ area of the invoice to include the full, direct URL to the invoice?

Many thanks


Hi @favdes

How are you sending the invoices to clients at the moment?

If you send an email out from QuickFile, by default this includes a link straight to the invoice. But you do need a certain tag in the email itself.

There isn’t a way of generating this link for the invoice itself, it’s only available in the email templates unfortunately.

Hi Mathew,

Thank you. It would be great if the link on the PDF invoice could be adjusted to go directly to the online invoices as well. This would then allow people to pay online, without having to log into their QF account. Just a bit of a time saver and saves us dealing with more username / password issues.

Kind regards


If you send the invoices from within QuickFile, the email itself will contain a link. As long as you’re not enforcing client login, then they will automatically be taken to the relevant invoice with the option to pay online.

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