Adding extra information to Quickfile in order to file accounts


I’m looking to use Quickfile’s filing service for my company accounts. But so far I’ve only been using Quickfile as an invoicing system - I have no purchases/expenses/payroll logged on the system, just invoices income.

Can someone point me in the right direction for the quickest way to input other information, what tags to use, what additional accounts (eg. Director’s loan) I need to make use of?


I’ll try to help but it’s a very broad question.

A good place to start is always from the bank account, if you can ensure the bank account is balancing and up to date you can then start tagging the additional entries for the expense side. You may already have lodged sales income to the bank so if you import any bank statement you’ll need to then remove any untagged duplicates.

The Directors Loan account is for those items paid for out of your own pocket, which need to eventually be reimbursed by the company. You can log receipts as paid from the DLA to reflect this.

There’s a few useful guides here that should set you on the right path:

Thanks Glenn, that’s really helpful - I’ve made a start and amazed by the bank statement import tool and auto tagging! I should definitely have done this sooner, it’s gonna be a huge timesaver in future.

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