Adding "GB" Prefix to VAT numbers for EU customer

My business is a VAT registered limited company. VAT returns submitted via MTD in QuickFile.

We’re dealing with an EU customer who has asked for my VAT number to be shown on the invoices with a “GB” prefix. We send PDF version of invoices to the customer, attached to an email.

In VAT settings, I can change my VAT number to include the GB prefix. This then appears on the invoice.

However, I’m worried that if I amend the VAT number in VAT settings this will upset the interface with HMRC’s MTD systems and I’ll have trouble submitting returns.

Can anyone help if this will be the case?

I’ve a couple of workarounds in mind:
Firstly, change the VAT number in VAT settings each time I have to do an invoice for my EU customer
Just make a text edit to the face of the PDF invoice to amend the VAT number to show a “GB” prefix.


I don’t believe this will interfer with HMRC. But to test it, can you at least view your VAT periods by going to Reports >> HMRC?

If there are any issues with the format of the VAT number, or the number itself, you would see an error here.

If all is OK and working as expected, you will see a list of VAT periods when clicking VAT Obligations.

Many thanks. I’ve checked through the VAT reports and VAT obligations and all looks to be OK, so I’ll leave the prefix in the VAT number. :+1:


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