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Adding multiple attachments at once to sales

We use over 200 affinity accounts in our accounting firm. We are considering switching to a new program because we are missing the option to upload attachments to sales and purchases. We are adding an attachment to each item and would like to do this differently than one at a time.
I would appreciate it if you could provide a method in your API to correlate attachments with sales so that I can upload them automatically.
It would be equally satisfying to be able to link attachments to the appropriate sales from the document manager panel.
Could you please add such a feature or API method? Alternatively, please suggest another way to solve the problem.

Hi @joanna

You can upload attachments to any invoice (both sales and purchase). There’s an option for this at the bottom of the invoice itself.

We have a few support articles on the document manager side of things, here: Document-Management

Regarding the API, there is a Document Upload method which could help: Document_Upload API Schema

Hope that helps, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Hi Mathew,
thank you for your answer. I know the features you wrote about.
The document manager does not have the option to link an attachment to a given sales. I can only place the file in a folder. So using the Document_Upload method does not solve the problem.
To link documents to sales I have to enter each sale separately in the sales. With several hundred documents per month, this is very time-consuming.
I am looking for a way to more efficiently match attachments with sales.
I would appreciate a further review of the problem.

Tried using bulk sales under tools?

Just to clarify with the Document_Upload API endpoint, you can attach it to an existing invoice (sales or purchase)

Thank you so much! I hadn’t noticed that. I will write an application to upload attachments :slight_smile:
I don’t see the option to add an attachment in Bulk Sales Entry.

Sorry didn’t realise you was using the api. Thought you was manually adding sales invoices

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