Adding trial balance

Just a quick question, i have already been using QF, but have only just received last years trial balance from my account ant, will me adding/importing the trail balance at this stage have any adverse affect on anything that is already entered into the system ?

No it shouldn’t be a problem. However if your TB contains any opening balances for bank accounts (which it likely will) this will affect the balance on the accounts if you’ve already set the bank opening balances in the bank settings screen. Adjusting or deleting these opening balances should sort that.

Let us know if you get stuck.

Ok i will do, i plan to look at it over the next few days, since my previous trial balance has some nominals merged into 1 account which on this system and split in to more than one code.

a vague conversation by email with the account tell’s me to beak it down to match would be very hard and long/costly, and that i could create new ones in the same nominal ranges for this accounting period and it should all still balance out.

Any one know if this correct ?