Additional Columns Displayed on Sales/Purchases Screen


I was wondering if at some point of time it will be possible to add more columns on to the Purchases & Sales screens. I see there is a “modify columns” option, but it is limited to Net Amount, VAt etc & reference. However if for example I want to see the outstanding balance amount from either a client or supplier (specific or general), at the moment it is only possible if the invoices are further opened to check the balance left. If there are several options available under the “Modify Columns” then users can pick & chose whatever is important to them. For example in our case we have several open invoices from a supplier at the same time & they pay us lump sum which is to be allocated in a specific way. It will be handy to what is displayed right now plus the balance (on each invoice) on the same screen at the same time instead of opening every single invoice. I am not sure if there is already an existing way to do this. OR may be if this can be achieved using the export functionality - which exports information from all fields (not normally available on the display screen, then it equally serves the purpose.

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The question of showing partial balances has been discussed here, along with the technical reasons why this is not currently possible. The short answer is balances are determined through lots of queries and cannot be done in bulk within the invoice list without severe performance penalties.

We may instead add a dotted line under the total that when clicked reveals the balance, that would save you going into each invoice. I don’t have any time-frame on this though.

Hi Glenn,
Thanks for your quick response on this.
After looking at the thread you pointed out, I can understand & appreciate that displaying this dynamic data is actually more complicated than I thought. How about exporting all fields from the invoices (purchase/sales) if the excel export button is used. Does that use up lot of resources too ? I am looking at it from a reporting point of view rather than display. Something along the lines when you decide to export the data, either by default all information is exported much like on the VAT screen, where calculations can be downloaded. It will be great reporting tool, I think software works great, a flexible reporting system will make it fantastic, if possible.


It’s certainly possible in a contained situation like a CSV download, as this is not something that would be invoked often enough to cause any performance issues. We most likely will have a look at this in time, although unfortunately there are quite a few other areas we’re committed to looking at first.

OK, thanks for your positive response. I hope to see some reporting features like this in near future.
Many thanks.