Additional pages to estimates and invoices

The current quickfile system is excellent, but something that could really enhance the experience is the option to have additional pages on the estimates and invoices; so that for example standard additional information can be included and/or terms and conditions.

I appreciate there is the ability to add a file, but when we need to issue T&C’s for every estimate having them there on the invoice automatically would be a huge time and space saver.

I wondered if there are any plans to implement such a facility?

Hi @draelectricals

Thank you for your feedback!

I’m not aware of any plans for this feature. I will however leave your topic here, and as with any other feature request - we’ll have a look into it further should there be enough interest.

Perhaps the following topic would be useful?

In the template add a link to your hosted terms and conditions. No large files need to be emailed at all then.

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@draelectricals - if you want help to add your T&Cs to your notes as per @Lurch’s suggestion, let me know and I’ll sort that out for you :slight_smile:

I’ve got the URL in there at the moment, but is there a way of placing it as a link so the client can just click on it?

@draelectricals - I’ll send you a PM shortly, look for a little green ‘1’ in the top right hand corner by your avatar

Example 1;

to give you Please click here to see our terms & conditions of sale.


Example 2

to give you Please click here to see our terms & conditions of sale.

Edit the content as required.

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Note that the href value must include the http:// prefix, e.g.

Please <a href="">click here</a> to see our terms & conditions of sale.

Just href="www...." on its own will not work reliably (if at all).

Yep, edited that in. Knew I should have checked it after I typed it all! :wink:

It is now possible to append Terms and Conditions (amongst other things) as Supplementary Pages to your invoices and estimates. You can find more on this below:

Creating Supplementary Pages for your invoices and estimates