Additional search filters for bank tagging rules


I have two monthly reoccurring invoices from the same company. The statement description has no identifiable text, only the costis fixed. For example:

10/06/2015 MSFTABC00123XPZ £102.98
10/06/2015 MSFT
ABC00123CDF £40.59
10/05/2015 MSFTABC00123TYU £102.98
10/05/2015 MSFT
ABC00123REW £40.59

As you can see, the only way I can identify each one is through the cost, therefore an additional match of cost would solve the problem. I could then create a rule: Match text beginning “MSFT” AND cost = £102.98.



On the bank account view, you are able to do an advanced search by reference and price range. If you enter both from and to for the price range as £102.98, and reference as ‘MSFT’, that should return the correct bank entries.