Additional setting for VAT when setting up a new nominal account

Hi Glenn

I have a suggestion, something that i have picked from another software and found it very helpful. When creating a new category in nominal accounts, there is an option to specify the VAT rate for it. Just like when you group it under a particular expense heading i.e. Overheads, direct expenses (also add option for VAT)

This way 99% of all expenses entered will have automatic VAT rate against it. This really helps to make the VAT return more accurate.

The permanent nominal accounts should already be grouped into standard or zero rated (no VAT) categories.

For non-VAT registered users, the VAT will not affect the accounts as the VAT settings will not have VAT registered.

Its a handy feature, hopefully others will agree.


VAT rate defaults in QF are linked to suppliers and clients not nominal codes. So when you add a new invoice it will pre-populate with the VAT rate set against that client/supplier, this can be then overridden as needed. Also the VAT returns looks at the purchase and invoice records for the reporting period, it doesn’t involve nominal ledgers in any way. Depending on how you enter your invoices will affect the output on the VAT return. If you download the VAT calcs on the return screen you’ll see how it’s working.

Hi Glenn

Ok, if this is something that can’t be done then thats ok.

Kind regards