Address in letter footer


I recently changed our address on the system and although it has changed on all correspondence on the letter footer the address is still the old one, i dont know how or where to change this. Ive checked both the company setting, the management settings, I cant see where the letter bit is as its not in routine e-mails.


Address changes don’t update retrospectively for all invoices, the new address is only applied to invoices raised after the address change. This is because if you move address you shouldn’t automatically change the address on all previously issued invoices.

If you go into any previously issued invoice and just resave it, it should then update to the new address.

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for replying, this is actually a new letter after I had changed address which is why im not sure why it has not updated as it has updated on all other documentation, it has the correct new address in the top of the letter just not on the footer of each page.


Sorry, I misread your original post… I thought you were referring to invoices.

For letters you’ll need to go into the letter settings area and modify it there. If you go to the main list of letters you’ll see a button ‘Letter Settings’. In this area you can modify the letter footer.

Than you, I have found it now, I wasnt sure were to find the letter settings.

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