Adjustment to Paypal Accounts


We monitor all our bank balances at month end and compare to what QF has. We have only been doing this for the last few months to be honest.

We notice our Paypal accounts are quite a bit out and have been for years now.

I want to make an adjustment to QF PP, which will affect the balance as of end of month October so balance in actual PP account and QF match.

I don’t want this adjustment to effect the P&L, as it will be quite a big figure. Is there something I can do?

Otherwise, I will have to go back and make adjustments for every month for the last 5 years to get the actual PP balance and QF to match. I’m hoping to do one big adjustment as of end of October and then monitor it going forward.

Any ideas?



hi @darrell_j_freeman,

You could just enter a manual transaction into the paypal account and then tag it as something not on the list? I am not an accountant so it would be best to double check with yours before going ahead as i’m not sure whether this would affect it in other ways

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