Adjustments not shown on exported project P&L data

I use the project-level P&L report and generally find it really helpful in tracking profitability of projects. However, when I add a financial adjustment to a project and export the data, the adjustment does not appear on the list of elements that contribute to the P&L calculation. It is correctly included in the bottom line Net Profit figure, but absent from the data.
Related to this, the adjustment in the on-screen P&L report is just defined as Net Adjustments and doesn’t include the adjustment description text.
The result is that the adjustments have to be manually added back to the exported data.
Is it possible to add the adjustments and their descriptions to the exported project P&L data?

Hi @Tony,

I’m going to escalate this to the development team. We’ll take a look and report back shortly.

I just received a response from the development team and they advised me that the P&L will not show itemised breakdowns. In the same way the other headings on this report are aggregate totals (i.e. grouped by nominal).

That said there may be a case to have this report show itemised adjustments using an expandable section. I can put forward a feature request for this if you wish?

This would be something like a down arrow that when clicked would show the underlying adjustments.


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Hi Mathew,
The drop-down menu on the P&L report would be helpful. It would be even more useful if these items (or at least the Net Adjustments total) were also included in the data export from each project’s P&L page.

I can confirm that they would be included in the CSV export. I will create a ticket on our internal system to get this looked into further. For now I’ve changed the status of this topic to “Planned”.

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Many thanks, Mathew.

Any update on when/if this feature will be implemented?

Hi @Tony,

We’re working on this now and it should go live as part of the next release (within 2 days).

Great news. Thanks, Glenn.

No problem.

The adjustment detail lines should now be showing in your project P&L export. Let me know if that’s all OK?

That’s working fine, Glenn, thank you.