Administrator setting problems

Good Morning,

I set up 2 user accounts for our quickfile, but never used my own log in but the general accounts one.

I now have employed a book keeper and would like to log in using my log in for when I use the system so it tags our activity correctly, but it says that with my email address it is not a valid account, I probably never activated it.

But now when I go to the team management screen it doesnt give me the option to manage users saying I need to be an administrator…help!



It sounds like the bookkeeper has the admin privileges on your account. Non-admin users will not be able to create or modify the team section.

If you ask them to log in and go to the team section they will be able to transfer those privileges back to you.

Hi Glenn,

The bookkeeper is the using our original login as this is linked to our accounts email, but when I go to team management on this account I have no options to manage the team so I dont know what has happened but I need to add another login as I dont want us logged in at the same time…

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