Advance Notice of Charge

Hi all,

I’m just wondering if there is any facility to send an ‘advance notice of charge for services’ within QF?

To expand a little, we offer, amongst other things, web hosting & domain name registration as part of our services. When we register a domain name for a client we automatically renew said domain name every 12 months with our registrar, with an automated invoice sent to the client thereafter to cover the following 12 months ownership. We have found on a number of occasions now however that clients have come back to us stating they no longer require the domain name and refusing to pay.

This of course leaves us with a loss of 12 months registration fee on that domain. What we would like to be able to do is send an automated renewal notice (similar to the recurring invoice model) 4 weeks before the billing date giving our clients time to notify us if they wish to cancel.

Any input would be appreciated and thanks in advance

Hi @ReflexCreative

Unfortunately there is no specific way of doing this, other than using the recurring invoice feature.

If there a reason it couldn’t be done as a recurring invoice, sent 4 weeks prior to the due date?