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Advance payments to Suppliers


Is there a report which can be run to show prepayments to suppliers?

I have a couple of suppliers who have been overpaid - the overpayment doesn’t show on the aged creditors report as there are no outstanding invoices for the supplier


Hi @Twins1998

If you go to Purchases >> View Suppliers, you can select Search and tick Prepayments.


This reveals an extra column you can then use to identify these.

Hope that helps!

It does thanks - this particular client has over 350 suppliers so it would be nice if there was a single report just for this - I’ve changed it to 150 suppliers per page but still have to scroll down them. Do you think this may be something you will introduce in the future as it would be really useful for monthly reporting?

If you go to Reports >> All Reports >> Debtor / Creditor Report, enter your date. This will list all outstanding invoices.

But, if you export this, we include a list of all the prepayments. It doesn’t combine them, but rather lists all the individual payments. But as it’s a .csv file, compatible with software like Excel and Google Sheets, you could do a few SUM statements there.

Hopefully that works better?

that’s brilliant - thanks a lot

If there’s just a few of these payments then the simplest is probably to view purchases → all payments, then advanced search and restrict the “type” to unallocated. That’ll list just the payments that have not been allocated to a purchase (or have been part allocated and part not).

Thanks Ian - very useful

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