Advanced features settings - bank imports/tagging not showing current setting

On the “Advanced features” page settings for these 2 settings,
for Drop-down boxes:
“Period Within Which to Check Bank Import Duplicates”
“Search Range on Bank Tagging”

For each setting you select a range from its drop-down box, and save the whole settings page, but once saved both those boxes revert back to blank boxes,
So later on, you do not know what those setting are.

This is a particular problem for Affinity users with multiple clients.

The current setting for each of these 2 drop-down boxes should either show beside those boxes or remain visible inside those boxes (like the three “Cash Register” drop-down boxes do).

Currently when changing the setting of one of those 2 boxes, I do not know if the other box will be reset to its default or retain its previous setting, as they always show as blank.

Can you please fix this so we know the current setting of these 2 boxes?

Hi @George_H

You’re right in that the drop-down boxes should be showing the current setting.

I’ve referred this to our development team and logged this as a bug.

@George_H - Apologies for the delay in updating you here, but this has now been fixed.

Please let us know if you experience any further issues.

Thank you its now working

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