Advanced Search - Advanced search not carried over between pages

I want to export detailed sales, purchases, bank accounts, etc for the year to send to my accountant for them to produce my end of year accounts.
I used the advanced search with a date range to get all the relevant transactions displayed, however selecting all and exporting doesn’t seem to work if there are more than 1 page of results - if I check the select all checkbox (next to to the column headings) it doesn’t select any items and the export says “You haven’t selected anything?” - is this a bug? I’m using the Chrome browser on a Mac if that makes a difference.
I would expect that “select all” to select all items on all pages and allow me to export all items on all pages in a single export.


Do they need the full details of every individual transaction? My accountant is fine with just the P&L, balance sheet, trial balance report and an asset register, and I give them access to QuickFile so they can look at individual records directly if they have a specific query.

Hi @ssummer

If you do need to export multiple transactions, I would suggest either looking at the account backup, or taking a look at a nominal code export. However, as @ian_roberts, normally the reports are usually all that would be required. Or if needed, connect to your accountant’s Affinity account, or create an account for them.

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