Advanced Search: filter


Feature suggestion: In Account Detail, Advanced Search, I’d like to be able to find all transactions that don’t have a particular string in the Description field. The string would be excluded by prefixing with a minus symbol, the same as Google search uses. For example if I want to find all transactions that were not to Amazon, I’d type * -amazon.

There is no wildcard symbol currently, but can search for everything by typing a space because all Descriptions contain a space. It might be necessary to introduce a proper wildcard character (eg *) if you would going to add this search filtering functionality.

Many thanks

Hi @brendanh

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll keep an eye on this thread to monitor the interest from the community.

Just a quick note however, there is a wildcard character - %

Ok, so above example would instead be % -amazon

Thanks for considering this.

+1 for additional search operators like this.