Advanced search not working in Nominal code view

I am in general purchases and trying to search by description from the list but it returns no results when I can searching for something I can find in a description if I open an item. Please help.

Actually I see it works if you search notes rather than for descriptions. I believe this solves the issue, just confusing that I cannot search description - I am not sure what that is there for as it seems to give no results

Hi @sean1

I’ve just given this a quick test from our end and this seems to work. Can I just check that the terms you’re searching for are there in the list (not in the notes)?

Ah ok I get it now - I see someone else also mentioned this before. I think we think we are searching the descriptions within the purchase orders which are more useful to search rather than the auto generated numbers which appear in the description of the main display. As I mentioned I figured out I can search the description within the purchase order by searching notes instead - thanks for checking anyway, I just need to remember to search notes and not descriptions!

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