Affinity Account Invoice

This probably isnt the place to post this question but I couldn’t find any other email address for support or billing.

I have an Affinity Account and have set up a direct debit. Since doing so I have not received VAT invoices from yourselves for the payment, although when I initially made a top-up payment I did received an invoice. I have looked in the billing section of my Affinity Dashboard but it only gives a transaction history.

Obviously I do need an invoice for my VAT records however small the payment to yourselves. Could you please ensure that this is issued each month and also supply me with the invoice for the last payment

In the transaction history section on the billing page you should see any payments collected by Direct Debit, this will include an adjacent link to the VAT Invoice.

Does this help? If not I will send you a private message to discuss further.

Ok that is on there now but it wasn’t previously when I looked. Is there a time delay in the vat invoice being added?

Yes there is a slight delay as we wait for the Direct Debit to clear which can take 3-5 days I believe.