Affinity account to manage 2 companies

We have two sides of our business. One which is Nexolutions and the other is Nexpay. If we get Affinity does it mean we have one account but can invoice from the two separate businesses?

What Affinity will allow you to do is have one control panel where you can quickly access both accounts. Here’s a screenshot of the Affinity control panel.

If you have a single LTD company with multiple trading styles then currently there is no way to setup different invoice designs within the same QF account. You could however split the activity over 2 QF accounts and combine your reports when preparing the year-end accounts.

So if you have a Quickfile Affinity account and have Comapny A and Company B, then you can’t send an invoice from Company A and a invoice from Company B and have all the sales go into the main affinity accounts sales area?

No, Affinity wasn’t designed for this purpose. It functions as a control panel for accountants whereby they can manage multiple companies under one single login without the need to remember lots of different login credentials, it’s also ad-free and allows the user interface for all managed accounts to be re-branded.

A general overview on what Affinity does can be found here.

You mentioned you have two companies… Nexolutions and Nexpay, Are these actually two separate LTD companies or one LTD with just two trading styles?

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