Affinity Account

Do I have to set up my client as a team member in order for them to grant access to the bank feed?
Also, does the £15 charge for the bank feed cover credit card and bank account
( or is it £15 for each)?
Thanks in advance

Hi @arianparod,

The charge for the bank feed is to enable to feature so you can connect various banks once you have paid the subscription.

You don’t need to set your client up as an affinity team member but they will need to be a team member on the QuickFile account

Many thanks for your reply.

I wasn’t querying the fee for the bank feed - I asked if the £15 fee covers a bank feed AND a credit card account, or is it £15 for each?


Hi @arianparod,

Its just to enable to bank feed feature, you can then connect as many banks as you wish :slight_smile:

Who is your credit card with as not all are available through open banking

Many thanks again for such a rapid response.

My client is with HSBC for credit card and current account.

Early days for switching my clients over to Quickfile, but I’m loving the features.

Kind regards
David Phillips

Hi David,

unfortunately HSBC is one of the banks that haven’t upgraded for the credit cards yet so unfortunately you won’t be able to set up an open banking link on that one, you would have to upload the statements.

Here is a list of what is offered currently:

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