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Affinity Bank Feed - Client Removed from Affinity


I’ve set up a bank feed to a client via my Affinity account and the client is now leaving.

When I remove their account from my affinity account I know that the charge to me ceases but what happens to the daily bank feed cost. Will his bank feed stop working and do I need to advise the client that he should log in to re-set this up and pay directly going forward ?

Many thanks

What happens to the daily bank feed

Hi @Echohead

If you are no longer paying for the bank feed then when the subscription comes to an end they will get a reminder that they need to purchase it. They will be able to do this from the subscription section - click their company name in the top right corner and then select services/subscriptions from the drop down

Hi Beth

Yes but surely I stop paying anything, ie the daily bank feed charge when I remove them from my affinity list ?

Hi @Echohead

Once they disconnect from your account they will have to pay the annual fee for the bank feed themselves rather than paying for it through yourself. I hope this makes sense, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Yes, that’s perfect, many thanks

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