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Affinity Billing - transfer subscription?

I feel I may have made a mistake, I have just (literally today) renewed my Super User subscription for one company. I am just about to setup a second company and was thinking that I might use Affinity.

The first company is XL (over 4,000 transactions per year). The second is likely to be fairly small (being new) maybe 500-1,000 transactions per year.

Can my Super User subscription be transferred to an Affinity subscription?

Should I get my wife to use her email to setup the new business and get her to add me to the Team and not use Affinity?

I don’t use any automated bank feeds - the manual import seems to work perfectly well.

Hi SteveBloomer, Happy New year.
You are maybe better off not to use affinity. At the moment you pay £45 + vat for your xl account and £0 for your xs account. On Affinity you would pay £50.88 +vat for both accounts, if they are connected all the time. The XL account has to be connected all the time because you will be not able to login anymore if you cancel your subscription.
This all changes of course when your second account becomes a paid account as well, then you are better off with affinity. Also, it is worth to know that both types of accounts have different features.
For each individual account you will need a unique email address. You can easily sign up for another email account with most providers. Also most providers allow alias email addresses, means, on your current email account you can add a 2nd and 3rd … Email addresses which you can use for quickfile. Your wife can also use her email address to sign up. But it is possible to use a email address from an individual quickfile account for an affinity account.
Hope that helps

Hi @SteveBloomer

If you did want to continue with Affinity and would like your credit transferred over, just drop @QFSupport a private message with both your QuickFile and your Affinity account numbers, and we’ll see what we can sort for you.

Thank you both for your prompt responses. I appreciate the offer of transferring the subscription but I think that I will take the advice of @rhc and run with the super user subscription for now.

I had not thought of the alias approach - I will use that advice as well, I already have aliases on my email account.

All this demonstrates to me the excellent value that Quickfile represents. :smiley: :smiley:


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