Affinity can it be setup for automatic input your quickfile account?

I am thinking of paying for affinity such i can have single login for multiple accounts (assuming i can do what i am hoping need to verify with hmrc about that bit) but can it be set up to automatically put the invoice and receipt bank and auto tag it every time you are billed?

If i can also do what i am hoping i assume there no way to combine profit and loss reports and vat returns from all accounts into single one? the reason i ask if i can do what i want i will be setting up the other accounts for trading name and logo be different to the company name but the accounts and vat would still be done via the one company so need to submit it as combined one, its not a problem if i can’t i can manually add them together just be nice if it can do it

I’m not sure exactly what you mean here? Affinity is a single dashboard for accessing and tracking multiple accounts from one location. There is no way to merge reports or make single filings through Affinity

What Affinity provides you with is:

  • A single login for multiple accounts
  • Segmented P&L reports and enhanced Tax Summary for all managed accounts
  • White labelling on all managed accounts
  • Document collaboration through Workspaces (More for accountants/bookkeepers working with their clients).
  • Advertising services through QuickFile Connect.

A more detailed overview of features can be found here.

I should have made two topics for this, the first question as topic title is can the invoice be automatically put into receipt hub and automatically tagged?

the second question is it possible to combine the P/L and VAT records of the different accounts as one?

No, when you send a file to the receipt hub, you need to input the details (e.g. what it is, how much for etc). QuickFile doesn’t support OCR or anything like that.

No, each account is treated separately.

The only way you could maybe do either of these, is via the API (I believe there is a P & L function)


HI @Parker1090 i don’t mean OCR i mean since the invoice for affinity would be created by quickfile himself i am wondering if there is any way to automate it such no need to upload and tag, probably just do it once.

There is no auto-tagging facility in the Receipt Hub (Affinity or otherwise), I’m not even sure how that would work, how would it know the amount, supplier, date etc?

Hi @Glenn

This is probably me putting it across rong,

I mean affinity itself own INVOICES as it is paid service, no automation of anything else or the invoices from yourselfs quickfile

OK I understand and regrettably no, we don’t automatically insert our own Affinity invoices into any of the managed QuickFile accounts. We could do this in the future if it were to crop up more frequently.

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