Affinity client with mtd vat exemption

Some of my Clients from my AFFINITY profile are exempt for MTD VAT. However, I cannot send the VAT returns for some reason, the way I used to send them before.

Now it says : ‘’ Please note: you have not authorised a [HMRC Tax account] for online submissions or the account is not yet linked in the VAT settings. This return will not be electronically filed to HMRC.’’

although in the VAT Settings I have enabled to file VAT online and there is my HMRC user id and password, exactly like before.

Please advise.
Kindest regards,

Hi Tina,

It’s still possible to submit using the old system. We’ll be adding a link to the VAT Return form to switch, this should be ready early next week. In the mean time I will drop you a separate private message with further instructions so you don’t need to wait.

Hi Glenn,

As always, many thanks for your great help.

All the best :relaxed:

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