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Affinity confusion

Sorry if I’m being thick, but I see I’m by no means the first to find Affinity/Power User confusing!

I am currently managing one L company with Power User and bank feeds and 5 S/XS accounts without bank feeds.

Currently it is not economic for the S/XS accounts to have bank feeds as they only have a dribble of bank transactions each.

Firstly I am presuming that to get the Affinity charge for all the companies I would use the calculator to find the total monthly amount, and then add what for the one Power User? Or is the Power User charge for the whole affinity account? If so how much?

And the bank feeds - by changing over to Affinity would all the accounts share the one bank feed subscription or would they need one each? In which case the advantage of Affinity is difficult to see!

Sorry to revisit an FAQ. Can I suggest though that the Affinity costs calculator could be a LOT clearer on these questions!

Hi @Healthpay

I’m sorry to hear that you find the calculator and guides difficult to follow, but we’re certainly open to ideas.

The Power User Subscription is separate from Affinity. You can have both on an account if you wish.

A standalone account (that is, an account not linked to Affinity) can have the Power User Subscription, either optionally or as required by the account size (L/XL). Affinity doesn’t require it, so it’s optional for the features it comes with.

With bank feeds, each account would still require a subscription, but you can pay for it through Affinity on a monthly basis (calculated daily like the account fees on Affinity).

Affinity is primarily aimed at accountants and bookkeepers, who wouldn’t necessarily be able to access the standalone accounts directly. But those managing multiple accounts can use it too. It comes with the advantage of one email and password for multiple accounts.

Cost wise, it does work out more cost effective to have multiple accounts linked to Affinity, rather than having multiple accounts with a Power User Subscription.

I hope this helps but please let me know if you have further questions.

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