Affinity Connect box showing on every page load

This popup on the dashboard is getting a little annoying, I dont want to create a profile. I’ve clicked both Read More and Not Now, can you please add a ‘Not ever’ button.

If I’ve missed something, can you please explain how to stop it popping up.

I’m not actually experiencing this issue. What’s your build number in the footer, and what browser are you using?

Build: 5554-27901

FF 37.0

Didn’t realise this was Affinity (sorry! That’ll teach me to learn to read the full title first!), but I’m sure someone with an Affinity account, or someone from QuickFile will reply shortly!

This should only ever pop-up once, I apologise if this is not happening on your account and will look at that for you now.


This has now been resolved.

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