Affinity & Individual accounts & Accountant

Ive successfully been using one account as a power user for some time, and I added my accountant as a user so she can check what Im doing etc etc, all been working fine.

This week Ive had to create two new businesses and am now an Affinity user. What I would like to do is have my accountant as an affinity user too so she also can see all three of my businesses in one place with one login. I initially tried to just send her an invite for each company but it says that the email address is already tied to another account (I read that its one account per email address).

How do I get her to Affinity so she can see the same as me and view / work on all 3 businesses ?

I want to give her clear instructions on how to do it and to do that I need to be confident myself.


Hi @Dave_Strand

Does your accountant use Affinity herself, or are you looking to add her as a user to your account?

Hi Matthew,

No she does not use QF. I would like her to be able to access all 3 of my accounts as an affinity user with her current email address (which is already linked to one of my accounts)


Thanks for reply.

You can simply add her as a team member on your Affinity account. She can then log into Affinity using this username and password and access any linked account (which can be configured, if needed).

This guide may help: QuickFile Affinity overview

Hi Matthew,
A very simple answer which worked a treat, I have no idea why I didnt just do that earlier. Thanks very much for your help.


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